This page outlines the various groups involved in the accessibility process. For questions about any of these services, contact the responsible party directly.

Content experts/course developers

  • Creating accessible PDFs and Word documents
  • Using captioned media wherever possible
  • Supplying alternative text for all images
  • Ensuring any third-party software is compliant

College of Continuing Studies (CCS)

  • Supplying accessible templates for course documents
  • Adding captions to videos (when transcripts are provided by content expert)
  • Building course content in fully accessible Blackboard shells

Emerging Technology & Accessibility

  • Providing resources, workshops, and training materials
  • Administering the University’s accessibility software and tools
  • Conducting accessibility reviews and consultations


  • Reviewing courses for accessibility and providing feedback to content experts
  • Developing resources and training materials
  • Maintaining

Office of Disability Services (ODS)

  • Retrofitting course materials for timely accommodation