To begin, select the video you want to caption and click Settings.

Then choose Advanced from the left-hand menu. You will see two different options for adding captions:

  • Choose File: If you already have a caption file, you can upload it one of the supported formats – SRT, WebVTT, DFXP/TTML, SCC, or SAMI.
  • Launch Editor: Launch the Amara caption editor to create your own captions without leaving Vimeo. This option is best for short videos (less than 10 minutes).

Upload a Caption File

To upload a file, click Choose File, specify the language, and indicate whether it’s a caption or subtitle file.

Once the file is uploaded, check the box next to the file name to enable it, and then click Save Changes.


Create Your Own Captions

To create your own captions, click Launch Editor and specify the language.

Type or copy your captions into the boxes. Lines should be stacked with no more than 42 characters per line. Press Shift + Enter to insert a line break.

When you finish adding captions, Sync Timing by listening to the video and dragging the captions along the timeline to match the start and stop times.


Once the captions are synched, watch the video again and verify that the subtitles are complete and accurate. Then click Publish.

Check the box next to the file name to enable the new subtitles, and then click Save Changes.

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